Understanding Time: About Spirits and Apparitions

December 14, 2010

Spirits, ghosts, apparitions whatever you call them, is a part of our daily staple for thought. There are various theories about them ranging from hallucination to them being ectoplasmic beings. However, not many have considered an alternative approach –  approach based on dimensional theory. If you remember my last post, you will remember my theory about space being a 2-D entity with universe as structures within the same. Now let us take it a bit further. Any structure whether 2-D or 3-D cannot stop itself from vibrating. In other words, none of the structure, irrespective of shape and size, can be still If there is vibration, that means there is frequency associated with that structure.

Having different frequencies can enable different structures to occupy same spot. This means at a given point in space there can exist, multiple universes without knowing existence of each-other. Now, for a small duration if any two of them approach same frequency, they will become apparent to each other. Even though, they may pass through each other due to difference in frequency. At such an instant, the organisms (like us) will see the reflection or a hazy image of the organisms of the other structure. These hazy image, depending upon the neighborhood of the approaching frequency, may interact with our universe. To be precise, my theory is stated thus “When universes occupy same plane at different frequencies, due to unknown reason or reasons, approach a frequency that is in the neighborhood of the natural frequency of the universes, the organisms of each universe sees an image of the other The spirits and apparitions are these images “. In nutshell, ghosts are living being of other universes which interact with our universe at one or other point in time With this I wrap up my post Awaiting your comments and thoughts.


One comment

  1. There are several haunted places in this world , where some mysterious things happened. Also , there are always some story behind it like murders, etc.. Now believing those stories as true one, does it means that after death (in some cases) the soul remains in the same plane but in a different parallel universe? Also it was found that things gets moved or disturbed. Should we conclude that those energies has the power/ability to interfere in the other dimensions?

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