Understanding Time: Of God and Souls

December 13, 2010

From my childhood I have heard a saying which roughly translates to “God’s form is time“. What does this essentially mean? Does this mean God is above and beyond time? Or does it mean that God is Time and Time is God? Let me take it on-by-one. If we suppose (not assume) that first one to be true i e God is above and beyond time, theen may of the powers of God can be understood. For instance, if God is beyond time, then everything will be like a frame-by-frame display to God who can become any part of any frame. So past, present and future will be literally out of the picture.

If the second one is taken to be true, then that means there is no difference between God and Time. Then omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence of God are unquestionable. However, this brings another ‘power’ into focus. That is Energy The only component of this universe that is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent – just like God So can it be that Energy is God And the different forms are the forms taken by God on different occasions?

If God is Energy itself, then what does that tells us about Soul? Atma (Soul) is considered part of Paramatma (God) When Soul merges with God, then Moksha or Libration is attained. In the case of God being Energy, then Soul is a form of Energy. And death is nothing but the form of Energy (Soul) leaving the body Birth is Energy taking a different form. This can also imply that “All is one and One is All” is correct because everyone is one or other form of energy With this I sign off this post.

NB: The post is result of my discussion with one of my friends.   This was only an attempt at a different  look at the aspects of God and Soul.


One comment

  1. I will go with first option.. ie. God is above & beyond time. Also, God is Energy (in a form of some vibrations) who has the control/power to change other existing vibrations..I feel everything is made up of vibration..quasars , Atoms, molecules, humans, thoughts, souls, and every thing which exists in this universe. If we able to match our vibrations (frequency) with that of a “God” , we can be able to link up with the God, hence in earlier days, many saints are use to see & converse with Gods(read on some books). May be when these two vibrations matched 100% , it may called as attaining MOKHSHA, since now there is no difference between God & a soul. May be thats why humans are the most powerful living beings in the earth who can achieve any impossible things & do wonders just by manipulating these vibrations, as we are also a part of the same vibration(or “God”)…just a thought..

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